Attention all Atlanta area Shoe Lovers

By jeff

Remember The Cobblettes we recently did a blog about? Well they are taking their shoemaking expertise on the road to Atlanta (well Athens). The 2 day Beginner Shoemaking Workshop will take place October 30th and 31st in Athens, Georgia.

This is a really unique opportunity to learn how to make a pair of custom shoes from NYC’s own shoemaking guru Emily Putterman-Handler. If you have any interest in shoemaking, this workshop is highly recommended.

Listen to what Rhae, a former student of Emily’s, had to say about her experience in the class:

“I am a shoenista, but it can be hard to find shoes that fit. After taking Emily’s class I’ve learned to make my own custom shoes. I love making unique designer quality shoes with my own hands.”

There’s only a limited number of spots and registration closes 7 days before the seminar so you better sign up soon. For more information on the workshop and to reserve a spot head over to The Cobblette’s website.