Open Runway Welcomes New Intern Madeline to the Team!

By Madeline

Hello, fashion lovers! My name is Madeline Armitage and I am one of the new interns at Open Runway. You will be hearing a lot from me over the next couple of months so I would like to take some time to get better acquainted. First thing you should know about me, I have a serious shoe fetish. And if you are anything like me, you live from paycheck to paycheck because any extra spending cash falls immediate victim to your wardrobe. You also believe that the best therapy and the only therapy worth actually paying for is retail therapy. Even more so, there is no heartbreak a great pair of pumps can’t fix. This is not an opinion; I know this from experience!

The thing that I love most about fashion is that it is constantly changing. Every era up until the 20th century had a very distinct style. The 20s coined the flapper dress and helmet hats. The 30s was all about wide shoulders and narrow waists, the two-piece suit and womanly hourglass shape was introduced in the 40s. The 50s were inspired by polka dots and full skirt dresses, the mini-skirt was invented in the mod-60s and enter Audrey Hepburn with the black shift dress. Saturday Night Fever brought about bellbottoms, three-piece suits and platform shoes in the 70s. And who could forget the 80s with ripped sweatshirts, headbands and “ra-ra” skirts? The 90s were known as the “anti-fashion” era where it was cooler to be an anti-conformist than a trendsetter, or should I say being an anti-conformist was the set trend?

Today, designers gather much inspiration for their current lines from past eras. Every designer takes a piece of the past and reinvents it to make it their own. There will never be another decade defined by a trend like the decades of our past.

Just like the most popular couture designers of our time, you have all the colors, fabrics and styles right in front of you. The only job you have is putting them together to make your own personal style. And thanks to Open Runway, they have just made your job a whole lot easier.

I am very excited to be a part of the Open Runway team and see where the next few months will take us. Thanks for listening, until next time!